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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 fixes the type of paint defects that other compounds fail to remove in the first polishing step. Formulated by Menzerna of Germany using the feedback of professional detailers all over the world, Super Heavy Cut Compound SHC 300 was designed to tackle severe scratches, swirl marks, water spots, and 1200 grit sanding scratches on all paint systems while requiring minimal polishing afterwards. Simply put, SHC 300 is so versatile that you can use it with a wool pad as your first step, and finish down to a show-car finish using Menzerna SF-4000 and a polishing pad as your second step.

What makes Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 unique is its ability to remove heavy paint defects and sanding scratches without requiring two additional polishing steps. Generally speaking, when you use a compound as aggressive as Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 you need to follow with a medium cut polish as the 2nd step, and then as a 3rd step you need to use an ultra-fine cut polish.Menzerna SHC 300 eliminates the need for a 2nd step polishing step, letting you go right to a fine-cut polish, thus saving you time and money!

Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 is versatile enough to be applied with both a rotary and dual action polisher equipped with either foam or wool pads.




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