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When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, there are many things that need to be done regularly. From cleaning the exterior to cleaning the inside, there are plenty of tasks that need to be completed in order to keep your car clean and prevent lasting damage.

Car Wash – A Quick Way To Cleanse Your Car

If you’re looking for a quick way to cleanse your car, then a car wash is not the best option. Commercial car washes use abrasive materials that may scratch or damage your car paint, so washing your own car by hand will allow you to keep the vehicle and paint in good condition.  When you use the correct car wash shampoo, sealants and drying towels, you minimize swirls on the surface of your paintwork and when you use a good quality sealant, then you not only add gloss, but also UV protection and hydrophobic properties. 

When you enhance the hydrophobic property of the surface, the surface will stay clean for longer, meaning less time spent cleaning the vehicle.

Things to remember when washing:

  1. Never wash in direct sunlight, as this will dry the detergent on the surface fast and leave water marks.  Wash in shade and make sure the surface is cool.Prepare all the equipment and products you will need to complete the task.Fill a bucket with water and then add the soap.Fill a second bucket with water only. (For rinsing the wash mitt)Fill a third bucket with water.  (For rim cleaning)Do not drag the hosepipe over the vehicle as that will damage the paint work.Ensure that you use good quality microfiber wash mitt and drying towels.

Products and equipment you will need:

  1. 2 x Microfiber or wool wash mitt (1 for rims and 1 for paint work)Twist drying towelpH Neutral car shampoo3 buckets and if possible, grit guards for each bucket.Rim cleaner (shampoo)Rim brush

Wash process:

Rinse the whole vehicle off first to remove as much dirt as possible before starting to wash the surface.

Wash the rims first, as they are often the dirtiest part.  Spray rim cleaner on to the rims, allow to dwell for a few minutes.  Agitate with a brush and rinse off from the 3rd bucket.  Never use this bucket and wash mitt on any other part of the vehicle.  Remember, you are cleaning the brake dust and road grime from the rims and would not want to cross contaminate and damage the paint by imparting brake dust on to the painted surface.  When washed, rinse the rims off with clean water to remove the loosened dirt.

Now take bucket 1 with the soapy water and bucket 2 with the clean water.  Dip the clean wash mitt in the soapy water, then start washing the paintwork.  Do not wash in circles, wash in straight lines up and down and side to side. Wash one panel at a time.  When you have washed the panel, dip the mitt in to bucket 2, to rinse the dirt off.  If you do not use 2 buckets for this process, all you are doing is to re-apply dirt on to the vehicle surface….  We are trying to clean the car, not add more dirt😊

Once you have washed all the panels, rinse all the dirt off the surface and start drying.  Do not apply pressure, simply dry the surface lightly with the twist drying towel.

Use a spray on sealant or wax to give you added protection, gloss and a good hydrophobic surface.

Products to use:


Table of Contents

eDetail Sudz

Car Shampoo

e-Detail Sudz Car Shampoo 500ml e-Detail Sudz Car Shampoo 500ml is a pH balanced vehicle shampoo. The product is ideal for use in the 2 bucket system. PH balanced, easy rinse off rich foam formula Removes tough dirt & road grime Safe on paint & won’t strip existing waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings. Creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces Dilute 50 to 100 ml to bucket with water

Drying Towel

Motovana Red Twist Drying Towel 600gsm Use : It is used for drying your vehicle. The Best Drying Towel at 600GSM Size : 50cm x 70cm Our Drying towel is used for drying the vehicle after wash. The Drying towel offers incredible absorption ability! Quantity: 1 piece

eDetail HibriWax


-Detail HibriWax 500ml is Super Easy to use, long lasting and Brilliant high gloss. e-Detail HibriWax 500ml is a fully synthetic, Ceramic-infused wax. This special Si02 infused formula works brilliantly on any paint finish as well as ceramic coating. It restores gloss as well as providing outstanding protection. It leaves behind a glossy and hydrophobic finish that can last up to 6 months. e-Detail HibriWax can either be applied by hand or machine. Featuring many of the same qualities as its solid wax, this Liquid Wax is extremely easy to use offering excellent gloss as well as hydrophobic properties. Application is super easy, apply on to surface or applicator, spread a thin layer on and buff with a clean plush microfiber towel.


Motovana Red Twist Drying Towel 600gsm Use : It is used for drying your vehicle. The Best Drying Towel at 600GSM Size : 50cm x 70cm Our Drying towel is used for drying the vehicle after wash. The Drying towel offers incredible absorption ability! Quantity: 1 piece

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