CarPro – Mini Detailing Kit

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CarPro – Mini Detailing Kit

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CarPro – Mini Detailing Kit

New to CarPro products?

Why not save money and and test multiple products without buying big bottles of each..
The Cube is perfect for this, try 9 products! Many of the products are highly concentrated. Up to 1 years worth of supply in these small bottles.
This is real value for money.

What’s included: 9 x 50ml sample size spray bottles

Eraser (Intensive Oil & Polish Cleaner)
Spotless (Water Spot and Mineral Remover)
Perl (Water Based Silicon Oxide Coat) – – – Dilution ratio: 1 to 5 (Makes 300 ml)
HydrO2 (Wipe-Less Silica Spray) – – – Dilution ratio: 1 to 4 ( Makes 250 ml) You only need 50 ml to apply to one vehicle
Reset Shampoo
IronX (Powerful Iron Contamination Cleaner)
TarX (Powerful Tar & Adhesives Remover)
Reload (Silica Spray Sealant) – – – Dilution ratio: 1 to 1 ( Makes 100 ml) You only need 50 ml to apply to one vehicle
SO2 Pure (Photo Catalyst Air Purifier Coating)