303 Fabric Guard 473ml

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303 Fabric Guard 473ml

The 303 Fabric Guard is a powerful protectant that will keep your convertible top looking great on the road!

How versatile is this for you: Now you can protect your tennis sneakers, your leather bomber jacket, your pool furniture, and your convertible top with the same protectant. 303 products, the makers of the ever-popular 303 Aerospace Protectant, have created a product for all “outdoor” fabrics. The beauty is that you can bring the outdoors inside, treating fine leathers and suedes, and even silk with this solution.

This product is easy to use and repels water and dirt.

Protects Fabric. 303 Fabric Guard protects all new or cleaned “outdoor” fabrics from water, dirt, grease and sun damage. Outdoor fabrics include canvas convertible tops, cloth automobile seats and carpets, biminis, and boating enclosures. You aren’t limited to just outdoor fabrics, though, 303 Products advises that this exceptional protectant is a useful protective product for fine leathers, silk, footwear, and sporting apparel.

Repels spots and stains. 303 Guard resists soiling and mildew formation, by restoring an effective level of lost water repellency. The non-scientific meaning of this is that you will not be plagued by spots and stains left from water seepage within the fibers of the fabric.

No Silicone. Silicone water repellents may repel water just as well as this product, but that’s where the similarities end. 303 Fabric Guard will also repel oil, soil, grease, and dust. Silicone products actually attract dust and soil with a slightly tacky film. Silicone water repellency lasts on average 2-3 months, as compared to 303 Fabric Guard that protects for up to three years on low-traffic fabrics. Silicone has that harsh, pungent smell during application; whereas 303 Fabric Guard has a mild, clean odor. Of course, once it dries, there is no smell at all.

Most importantly, 303 Fabric Guard is recommended by industry leaders that include Sunbrella, Dickson, and numerous makers of patio furniture, marine canvas, and awnings.

Great for Boats. If you sail, this is an essential product for sail protection. Also use 303 Fabric Guard on enclosures, and boat and sail covers.

303 Fabric Guard should be applied to new fabrics from the start and on recently cleaned fabrics to prevent future soiling. The product will bond best to clean, dry fibers. The surface should be completely dry, and it’s best to apply Fabric Guard on a warm day in full sun. The amount of 303 Fabric Guard needed depends on the material. One 16 oz. bottle will treat 50-75 sq. ft. of marine canvas. For lighter, thinner fabrics, less product is needed to get good coverage. 303 Fabric Guard should be reapplied at the first signs of re-soiling.

303 Fabric Guard is a versatile and powerful protectant that has the seal of approval from industry leaders, and hopefully you will agree after your first use. Use it on marine canvas, bimini tops, convertible tops, awnings, leather, all outdoor and indoor fabrics.

Just spray the 303 Fabric Guard (Formally known as the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard) on any fabric and the strong solution will bond to your carpets and seal the fibers for long lasting protection. Even the most careful owners can accidentally step in grease or have careless passengers that stain fabrics. The barrier created by the Fabric Guard will help repel stains, soil, harmful UV rays, water, mildew, salt, soda, coffee and anything else your fabrics come in contact with. This product has saved many people from scrubbing out embedded stains, excessive soil build-up, spills and more. It’s designed for use on carpets, fabric seats, fabric/canvas convertible tops, fabric upholstery and more. It’s critical to use spray on a coating of the Fabric Guard before winter, to prevent nasty salt stains that can be really tough to clean. Don’t forget to use it in the summer months as well to prevent UV fading. The strong bond it forms with any fabric protects the surface while still allowing the fibers to breathe and remain flexible. Contamination build ups and accidents will happen and the 303 Fabric Guard will be there to protect your fabrics.

IMPORTANT: 303 offers two protection options for fabrics, the Fabric Guard and Stain Guard.

  • Fabric Guard is solvent based and offers the strongest water repellency. You can use it on exterior fabrics (i.e. umbrellas, convertible tops, patio chairs, etc.) and on interior fabrics (i.e. carpets, sets, etc.). However, if you do use it on interior fabrics, 303 strongly suggests making sure the area is well ventilated!
  • Stain Guard is water based and safe to use on all interior fabrics. It will however not work as well as Fabric Guard on your convertible top or exterior fabrics.
For indoor and outdoor fabrics, awnings, umbrellas, boat canvas, auto interiors, convertible tops, carpeting, tents, rain wear, snow skiing apparel, silk, suede.

BEFORE USING 303 HIGH TECH FABRIC GUARD (HTFG): Use only on thoroughly clean textiles, free of soiling and cleaning agent residues. For best cleaning results use 303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner or 303 Fabric/Vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner. Always test for colorfastness. Spray a hidden area with 303 HTFG. Wipe sprayed area with a white absorbent cloth. If any color rubs off, DO NOT USE. Use 303 HTFG on indoor & outdoor fabrics, upholstery & carpeting.

DIRECTIONS: Spray until evenly wet, overlapping sprayed areas. Allow treated material to dry completely before use. Protect other surfaces from overspray. If sprayed onto adjacent surface, wipe up immediately. Note: Reduced coverage when applied with paintbrush or roller. Not for vinyl, clear vinyl, plastics, rubber, fiberglass or imitation suede. Use above 70°F. (Quicker drying/curing and best results on hot day, full sun). Treated material must be protected from rain/dew until completely cured. If these steps are done correctly, at this point the material will be water repellent. Curing 6-12 hours depending on temperature. Coverage: 75-100 sq. ft. per 16oz on lightweight fabric, 40-75 sq. ft. for heavier fabrics depending on material density and application method. 303 HTFG is non-toxic and odorless when dry.

16 fl. oz. Trigger Spray Bottle