Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro Quick Detailer Concentrate 100ml
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Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro Quick Detailer Concentrate 100ml

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Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro Quick Detailer Concentrate 100ml

A water based coating that serves as a quick-detailer or maintenance coating. Penetrating into the surface at the molecular level to ensure durability and efficiency.  Packaged as a concentrate, this product is truly versatile as dilution can be varied for different purposes. Extremely easy to use for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Bio Nano Pro is designed for routine maintenance on any surfaces with or without ceramic, quartz and glass coating. It has an excellent sleek finish and enhances gloss and reflectivity. It is suitable for use on all surfaces – paintwork, chrome, leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, glass and metal surfaces to protect and preserve.


Bio Nano pro is an eco-friendly and environmental compliance product. It contains Amino Siloxane and surfactants that is safe for everyday use.  Best product to use for maintaining coatings and interiors. Dry and wet use, safe for coatings and all surfaces.  The most water repellent of all Artdeshine spray detailers. 

Application (3 methods)

  • Spray neat to the panel.  Use a damp microfiber applicator (or cloth) to spread the product and use a fresh dry microfiber to remove.
  • Dilute 1ml to 14ml water and (approx 35ml in 500ml).  Spray onto a microfiber cloth.  Apply to panel.  Flip the cloth and buff to high shine
  • Dilute as above.  Spray onto a wet panel.  Use a pressure washer to rinse off.
  • We recommend either of the top two methods for the most value for money

Key Features

  • 2 months durability
  • Water Beading Properties
  • Hydrophobic
  • Reduces surface friction
  • Water soluble product
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Fuss free application
  • Chemical resistant, pH resistance 5~12
  • Reflective shine and Gloss Enhancing
  • Increases matte shine
  • Very smooth and sleek
  • Wet gloss
  • Thermal and UV resistance
  • Prolongs paint protection coatings durability
  • No Streaking or staining
  • Low viscosity – Easy application
  • pH resistance 5~12
  • Dilute up to 1:14

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