Artdeshine Wheel Coating 30ml - 2 Year
Artdeshine Wheel Coating 30ml – 2 year
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Artdeshine Wheel Coating 30ml – 2 year

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Artdeshine Wheel Coating 30ml – 2 year

Artdeshine Wheel Coating 30ml – 2 year resolve problems with accumulated brake-dust and road grime that has hardened and permanently adhered to your wheels and will no longer be an issue with our Artdeshine Wheel Coat. Able to withstand adverse conditions and high temperature environments, giving you long-term ease of wheel cleaning without the need for harsh cleaning methods and chemicals that can otherwise damage surfaces.

Key Features

• Water Repellence Contact Angle : 100° – 110°

• Chemical Resistance : <pH13 , >pH 2

2 Year Bonding Durability

• Water Repellent

• UV Resistant

• Corrosion Resistant

• Chemical Resistant

• Abrasion Resistant

• Anti-Fouling

• Etching Reduction

• Easy Cleaning

• Matte/Gloss Wheels Application

Product Finishing

• ​Reflective Shine

• Slick & Smooth

• Enhances Matte Shine

• Darkens Matte Surfaces

Prep before applying a coating

Clean wheels as a first step, before claying and polishing, as the chemicals used to clean rims and tyres could contaminate a freshly polished surface if done afterwards. Use a specially formulated wheel cleaner and wheel brush or mitt, clean the wheel working from the inside out. Wheel cleaners are powerful abrasives, so do not leave them on your wheels for too long. Give the wheels a good rinse. Hose out your wheel arches, removing the grit and dirt that could otherwise fall back onto your nice clean wheels.

Once all of the wheel cleaner has been rinsed off, ensure the wheel is fully dry, then use a dedicated pre-cleaner IPA wipe to remove any residue on surface before applying your coating.


Apply a thin line of coating in the middle of a foam or microfiber applicator. Spread across the rims evenly and immediately do a lightly wipe off with microfiber cloth to ensure you have leveled out and ensure an even coat. Allow to dry and a second coat may be applied within one hour after first coat is dried.

How to maintain a coating

Coatings need to be properly maintained, just like a car wax or paint sealant.  Always make sure to hand wash the vehicle using a quality, pH-balanced soap, like CarPro Reset, Sonax gloss shampoo  or Motovana xtremegloss foam for foam and bucket wash. 

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