Auto-DNA Ceramic Coat – 30 ML

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Protect paintwork with this Ceramic Coat. The Ceramic Coat bond to the paint work, leaving it shiny, scratch resistant and will last up to 3 years.  The surface becomes hydrophobic and dirt will wash away easily.  The Coating will also protect the surface against industrial fall out, mineral build-up and is UV resistant.


Auto-DNA Ceramic Coat is a long lasting Nano protective Coating that features a High Gloss

finish, Strong Hydrophobic effect, Anti-Graffiti, Anti-dust & mud, Scratch

Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and is self cleaning with water.

Our Ceramic Coat is 100% clear and transparent.

After curing, it will turn to a strong Protective film like glass to protect the

substrate permanently. It chemically bond to the material surface and will not wash

away or break down.



High gloss like diamond.

High hardness-9H.

Anti-Dust & Mud.

Anti-Icing& Anti-Snow.

Anti-Corrosion & Anti-bacterial.

Strong Hydrophobic and oleophobic effect .

Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance .

UV Resistance & Chemical Resistance.

Durability: Up to 3 years


Weight 0125 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 cm
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