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Protect Fabric with this Fabri Coat. The Fabri Coat bond to the fabric fibers and will last up to 1 year on the surface.  The surface becomes hydrophobic and dirt will wipe away easily.  The Coating also provide UV resistance.

Auto-DNA Fabri Coat is a long lasting Nano protective Coating that features a High Hydrophobic effect.

Excellent abrasion resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and is self cleaning with water.

Furthermore, it provides a protection against liquids and unsightly stains while remaining invisible! This water-based and solvent-free product does not impact the look, texture, breath-ability or color of Fabric .

Our Fabri Coat is 100% clear, water based and transparent.

After curing, it will turn to a strong Protective film to protect the substrate permanently. It chemically bond to the material surface and will not wash away or break down.



Anti-bacterial, Strong Hydrophobic and oleo-phobic effect .

Excellent abrasion resistance.

UV Resistance & Chemical Resistance.

Durability: Up to 1 year



Clean surface completely with a good fabric cleaner.

Wipe any cleaner residue with a clean damp cloth.

Ensure surface is dry before applying the coating.

Apply small amount of coating by spraying a light layer on to surface.

Allow to air dry, then spray a 2nd layer.

Air dry area for 24 hours or leave vehicle in sun with doors/windows open for 6 hours.

Stay off surface for 6 hours and keep dry for 7 days.

Weight 0034 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 125 cm