Auto-DNA Grey Twist Drying Towel 40 x 40cm
Auto-DNA Grey Twist Drying Towel 40 x 40cm
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Auto-DNA Grey Twist Drying Towel 40 x 40cm

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Auto-DNA Grey Twist Drying Towel 600gsm

The Auto-DNA Grey Twist Drying Towel 600gsm features Twist Loop Weave, the latest in microfiber engineering that provides multi-purpose detailing towels that deliver quality results every time. The Twist Detailing Drying Towel is designed with 600 gsm, boasts lint-free and diamond-quilted double-thickness that is perfect for high-performance drying and instant detailing or spray-on wax. Twist Drying Towel can quickly and effectively dry your car, truck, or boat with streak-free results.

Recommended Uses:
Drying your vehicle after a fresh wash
Used with a rinseless spray product
Removing contaminants with a spray wax or wash

Size : 40cm x 40cm – 600GSM

The Twist Drying Towel is used for drying the vehicle after wash.  The Drying towel offers incredible absorption ability!

These absorbent microfiber cloths feature a closed twisted loop pile. They are excellent for drying and glass. The twisted loop microfiber allows them to glide over surfaces while absorbing very quickly. The long pile provides cushion for gentle wiping.

Twisted loop drying towels are quickly becoming the most popular way to dry a vehicle due to how quick they are to absorb water for a streak free finish. In our eyes there is no better way to dry your car.

These microfiber towels are washable and reusable, dry naturally after each use and rinse. This means that save your more money.

Wash the towel after use and allow to dry.  Always dry your towels in an area that is dust free to ensure no dust settles on the surface.  Store in a container when dry to keep dust off the towel.  This way your towel will not cause swirl marks or scratches when you use it next time to dry your vehicle.

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