Auto-DNA Long hair Wool Wash Mitt
Auto-DNA Long Hair Wool Wash Mitt
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Auto-DNA Long Hair Wool Wash Mitt

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Auto-DNA Long hair Wool Wash Mitt

Auto-DNA Long Hair Wool Wash Mitt is designed for extra gentle, luxurious washing following the application of Paint Protection. Made of 100% Merino wool, the Auto-DNA Long Hair Wool Wash Mitt clean your vehicle while safely removing dirt. The unique mitt design makes it easy to control and fun to use!

Washing can be tough on your vehicle and its protective coating if an abrasive wash tool is used. The  Wool Wash Mitt ensures the most gentle car wash possible! It safely lifts grit off the vehicle and leaves the vehicle in lubricating soap. The risk of wash-induced swirls is extremely small with the Wool Wash Mitt. Be sure to rinse the mitt frequently as you use it to release contaminants you’ve removed from the vehicle. The Grit Guard Insert makes this process quick and easy.

With gentle washing, a ceramic coating will last longer!

The Wool Wash Mitt is made of 100% Merino wool, a premium wool valued for its softness and length. As the long fibers sweep over the paint, they gently remove grime. The wool mitt has a mesh pocket on the back for your hand. This flat pocket holds your hand securely so you’re less likely to drop the mitt.

For the best results, use a quality car shampoo that does not remove wax. See our Car Shampoo range!

To care for your mitt, rinse it out well after every use and allow it to air dry.  Do not dry outside, as dust particles from wind can settle on the surface, which could cause swirls and scratches the next time you use the mitt.  Store in a dust free container.

Rinse the mitt frequently during washing to remove any grit or grime collected from the surface of the vehicle. After the car wash is complete, thoroughly rinse the Wash Mitt. Wash the Wash Mitt with  Towel Wash to remove any buildup and allow to dry.  For best results, do not dry outside, as wind carries dust particles that can settle on the surface and cause scratches and swirls when used next time.  Store in a container to prevent dust settling on surface.

Do not leave the wash mitt in the sun as this can damage the microfibers and make the fibers hard.

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Color: white
Material: wool
Size: 24*15cm
Hair length: 8.5cm

Packing include:
1 X long hair wool glove with mesh backing

Additional information

Weight 0005 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 cm


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