Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush
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Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush

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Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush

The Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush is an expertly developed brush that is designed for the quick and easy removal of all types of pet fur. The Pet Hair Brush has rubber bristles which attract pet hair like a magnet, pulling it out of your carpet or upholstery effortlessly! All the while, these rubber bristles are soft enough to be used on any surface of your interior without causing any harm. The Pet Hair Brush’s ergonomic handle ensures that even people who own the most shedding prone pets won’t get fatigued from extended use!

One of the most stubborn messes that can exist inside your car is pet hair. It manages to coat every surface of your car’s interior and grow roots. Even a vacuum can’t fully eradicate the furry plague that is pet hair.  The Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush ticks every check mark that an effective pet hair removal brush needs to check, and even some it doesn’t!

The Pet Hair Brush has long rubber bristles that make easy work of even the densest congregation of pet hair. The rubber bristles break up the static bond the pet hair has with carpet and upholstery of your interior. This allows you to brush all the pet hair into one collected pile to be easily vacuumed. Not only do the bristles of the Pet Hair Brush effectively remove pet hair from your upholstery, they are also extremely soft. This ensures that no matter what surface you use it on, you won’t have to worry about damage to delicate surfaces of your car’s interior.

People who own pets that shed immensely know how long it can take to entirely remove pet hair from your car’s interior. Thankfully, the Pet Hair Brush is made with an ergonomic handle that makes using it for longer periods of time a breeze. You won’t have to worry about extraneous stress on your hands and wrist while using the Auto-DNA Pet Hair Brush!

1. Brush all the hair together with the Pet Hair Brush.
2. Remove the pet hair using a vacuum.

How to clean:
Simply rinse the Pet Hair Brush with water to effectively clean it!

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