Auto-DNA Snow Foam Cannon with fitting to fit Ryobi


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Auto-DNA Snow Foam Cannon with fitting to fit Ryobi


The benefit of using a foam cannon to deliver the soap to the vehicle is that it doesn’t require you to touch the vehicle, which could rub dirt against the paint, causing scratches. The Foam Cannon sprays the vehicle with a thick coat of soap to loosen and lubricate dirt. On dusty or lightly dirty vehicles, you may not even need to hand-wash. The Foam Cannon minimizes the amount of hands-on contact with the vehicle, which can minimize wash-induced swirls.

The foam clings to vertical panels and provides the lubrication you need for a safe car wash. The foam provides a pre-soak that loosens dirt and grime so hand-washing is easier.

The Foam Cannon works with a Ryobi pressure washer and is suitable for most models . The velocity of the water combined with a quality car shampoo will generate amazing foam.

This wash process uses less water at a higher pressure.

The Foam Cannon is made of brass for maximum durability with a 1 liter tank for car shampoo.

Item Height:  9 cm
Item Width: 17 cm
Item Length: 29 cm
Material Type: brass and plastic
Ryobi connection fitting is made from brass
Item Weight: 0.8 kg
Special Features:
External Testing Certification: ISO9001


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