Auto-DNA Super Snow Soap – 5Ltr

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Auto-DNA Super Snow Soap – 5Ltr

Auto-DNA Super Snow Soap – 5Ltr is a concentrated high foaming car Shampoo with excellent cleaning. This Shampoo is pH-neutral in solution, and helps to break down dirt and traffic films. Combined with strong lubrication, and easy, residue-free rinsing, economical dilution ratio  and high foaming action.  Auto-DNA Super Snow Soap – 5Ltr contains no salt and can also be used safely in Foam lance.

The Snow Soap foams exceptionally well and cling to the surface well.

Suitable  for:

Painted Surfaces, Car and Boat Body, Glass, Plastic, Metal. Safe for Foam  lance.


Pour 100ml soap in to container and dilute with water.

Apply to surface

Rinse well and Dry

Weight 5025 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 29 cm