Auto-DNA Windscreen Treatment

Auto-DNA Windscreen Treatment

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Auto-DNA Windscreen Treatment

Auto-DNA Windscreen Treatment Application

Auto-DNA Windscreen Treatment is a brand new technologically advanced windshield coating. Development of this technology was heavily based on the latest and most advanced mobile phone anti-scratch protection. Our inorganic Nano-tech coating was specifically designed for EXTREME semi-permanent durability and long-term resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

The Windscreen Treatment is UV stable, highly chemical resistant, and provides resistance to scratches and minor chips and reduce Night Glare. Driver visibility is improved in rainy conditions thus improving safety.

 It is the ULTIMATE in windshield and glass coatings! Unlike traditional glass coatings, which attach to the surface, this treatment fully bonds by penetrating the top surface of glass, merging and transforming it into a hydrophobic smooth surface. There is no chattering, wiper noise, or degradation of the glass.  Rain droplets slide off fast at speeds beyond 50km/h for up to 1 year. 

Bear in mind that any surface will ware when abrasive friction causing particles rest on it.  Therefore, the hydrophobic effect will wear off, – how quickly, will be dependant on the conditions the surface is exposed to.  The purpose of this product is to provide resistance to scratches, chips and chemicals.  It does not mean the surface will not chip or scratch, it means there will be a protective coating on the surface, which will supply an additional layer to the surface to make the surface more resistant, reducing the effects and the severity of such occurrences.  To prolong the durability, the surface should be cleaned regularly, to remove abrasive particles.

•Wear gloves
•Note: Avoid applying over rubber trim or to the paint. If product contacts paint or rubber wipe off with wet MF towel immediately.

Operation in a cool place without wind.

Ensure the surface is cool before applying the nano-coating.

Clean glass with any Good Car Shampoo.

For older Glass, first Polish the glass with Glass Polish and Polishing pads to remove contaminants and surface scratches

Clean surface free of polishing oil residue with Super Eraser

Pour a few drops of the treatment over the Windscreen with supplied Suede applicator

Apply on Windshield in even strokes in a criss-cross pattern across the glass and do not wipe off. It will flash nearly

invisible as you apply.  Then buffing off any trace of residue until the surface is 100% transparent and clear.

If it flash too fast and leave streaks when you buff, reapply and buff off again immediately.

Keep surface dry for 2 hours with no wiper blades for 24 hours.

Please note: Apply one time only, do not wipe back and forth.

Ensure the coating is completely dry before testing.

Preparation of the glass is vital to performance and bonding of the Treatment.

Use low tack masking tape to cover any window rubbers and surrounding paint.

On older Glass, thoroughly polish the window using glass polish and a rayon block or pad, a machine polisher is preferable at this stage as it’s quicker than hand polishing to get the same result.

Once the glass is perfectly clean and smooth, clean the surface well with Pre-Cleaner and clean microfibre or terry towels.  Ensuring the glass is fully dry before applying treatment as per above instructions.

If beading begins to slow, clean surface well with Pre-Cleaner or Car Shampoo.  This may be needed every 2-3 months.


1 10 ml Windscreen Sealant

2  10 x 10cm Suede Applicators

1 40 x 40cm Sueade Buffing Towel