Auto Glass Polish Kit – 250 ml

Auto Glass Polish Kit – 250 ml


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Powerful cream polish for cleaning and preserving and restoring automotive glass and headlamps.

Effectively remove Water Spots. Water Spots are mineral deposits that are left after raindrops evaporate. Calcium is the mineral that gives water spots their rough texture cloudy appearance and when left for a long period, becomes very difficult to remove.  The most effective way to remove this mineral build up is by polishing the glass surface.


Deep cleaning treatment to remove Water Spots and mineral build up.

Restore faded old headlamp glass and all other glass

Removes film, grease and heavy grime as well as light surface scratches.

 Auto Glass Polish should be applied with a Rayon Glass Polishing Pads and glass should be polished by DA Polishing machine.


First clean the glass to remove any debris that could scratch the glass. Then spread the polish over the glass using a Glass Polishing. Buff with a Micro Fibre Polish Removal Cloth.

By Polishing the Glass, some age is shaved off the surface, making it look new, it improves clarity of the windscreen and improve wiper performance.

250 ml Glass Polish

1 x 130 mm Rayon Glass Polishing Pad

1 x Polish removing cloth