Labocosmetica BENEFÌCIA 1 Ltr


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Beneficia # enhancer is a self-activating for coating, fluoropolymer-based technology, which operates at the time of spraying with water, thus completing the “no touch-cycle” Mafra started with #PRIMUS. # Benefited adheres to the surface for a long time, is resistant to acids and “bird drop”; to alkali, also the stronger ones present in car washes; to solvents. It reduces drying times, eliminating at the root of the risk of formation of swirls and seals without having to employ cloths or applicators, drastically reducing the risk of creation of scratches. Its blend of fluoropolymers and siloxanes will donate easily and fast to the high protection body, brightness, smoothness and lotus effect, which gives an incredible beading and sheeting, plus a high hydrophobic effect.

In the development phase of benefits # was taken into account the Mafra philosophy: ease of use and easy error correction by the detailer (thanks to our unique technology “I Forgive You”). If after rinsing appear halos due to incorrect use due to extreme conditions of application (presence of sun, hot machine), it can in fact easily be solved through the application of our quick detailer.

# Beneficia ts has been researched, developed and tested extensively in laboratories in collaboration Mafra the launch of new models produced by the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of sports cars.