Black Fine Foam Finger Pocket


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Black Fine Foam Finger Pocket

High quality foam applicator for those hard to reach areas!

When cleaning intricate wheel patterns or motorcycle components, most people resort to wrapping two or three fingers in a towel to reach into narrow spaces. Towels really aren’t thick enough to offer your fingers any protection and they can slip off your hand.  Foam Finger Pockets are soft, dense foam pockets that fit over your fingers for easy and efficient cleaning. One pocket fits snugly over three or four fingers, depending on how large your hand is. You get the maneuverability of using your own hand as a cleaning tool along with the polishing capability of quality foam. Plus, your fingers are cushioned against potentially sharp edges while you work.

Black Fine Foam Finger Pockets are paint safe and perfect for applying waxes, sealants, and trim and tire dressings.

Foam Finger Pockets are each double-sided so you can turn it over when it becomes soiled. You get 360° of foam for cleaning! The high-density foam will absorb cleaning agents and polishes to prevent dripping onto unintended areas. Finger Pockets are invaluable when cleaning, polishing, and protecting your vehicle’s grill, wheels, exhaust, door handles, and other hard to reach areas. 

Rinse pockets thoroughly after use and air dry. They can be used again and again! Use Foam Finger Pockets to transform your fingers into the ultimate cleaning tool.

Use Foam Finger Pockets to transform your fingers into the ultimate cleaning tool.


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