Griot’s Garage One Step Sealant 473ml

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Griot’s Garage One Step Sealant 473ml

A high quality polish and protectant in one!

Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant removes light oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks while creating a high gloss, durable finish. This one step sealant gives you all the benefits of a polish and a wax. Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant protects for up to one year.

Save yourself time without sacrificing the shine. Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant combines the polish and protect steps of the detailing into one, and no one would ever know you used a one-step product judging by the finish.

Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant contains gentle polishes that eliminate light scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation while brightening the paint. Your vehicle will have richer color and a more uniform gloss. As Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant polishes the paint to a high gloss, it lays down a coat of ultra durable paint protection. The synthetic sealant protects the paint for up to one year.

Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant has the polishing power of Griot’s Garage Machine Polish 3, a very mild car polish, combined with the long-term protection of Griot’s Garage Paint Sealant. You get everything you want from a light polish and a paint sealant plus the convenience of a one step product in Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant.
Apply Griot’s Garage One Step Sealant by hand or with an orbital polisher.

Spread on a thin coat of Griot’s Garage One Step Sealant with Griot’s Garage 6 Inch Orbital Polisher. The best way to apply Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant is with Griot’s Orbital Polisher and an Orange Polishing Pad. Apply a bead of sealant to the paint and spread it over about a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area with the polisher turned off to avoid splatter. Then turn the polisher on and work the sealant back and forth until it begins to dry. Then turn the polisher off, and buff the paint to a shine using a soft Griot’s Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth.

Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant is so durable, there’s no need to apply more than one coat. If you wish to top it with another coat, use Griot’s Best of Show Wax. Its lack of cleaners allows it to bond to Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant.

You’ll achieve spectacular results while you remove oxidation, scratches, and swirls. Even when you use Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant by hand, the results are amazing. You’ll enjoy intense color, depth and clarity, plus long term protection in one easy step.

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