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HP12 is a powerful universal multi-purpose degreaser for stubborn dirt, deeply cleaning and safely respecting the treated parts by avoiding any aggressive action.
Suitable for any kind of surface, at home as well as in the professional sector, HP 12 is characterized by a great versatility of application: it is a high-performance universal degreaser, as its name suggests, allowing you to solve any detergency issue in a definitive way and in any situation.
Thanks to its active formulation, HP 12 assures a powerful degreasing action against the most stubborn grease. It can be effectively used on any surfaces, inside and outside your home. This product is ideal for cleaning vehicles, such as motorcycles, camping vans and boats, tools, gardening and DIY accessories, furniture and household objects, and even engines. Its use is highly performant, both for professionals, such as repair and body shops, and at home, office, garage or gym.
It can be easily recognized thanks to its electric green colour, recalling a chameleon. HP 12 is always extremely versatile and adaptable to the context it is applied to. It is lemon-scented, with a pleasant, firm and never annoying fragrance.
HP 12 is a great ally to solve any issues, such as unexpected dirt, as well as for those who made a precise choice towards safety and quality, in order to get a deep cleaning action while respecting the surrounding environment. HP 12 is far more performant compared to any other degreaser.

Are you looking for a product capable to remove all the dirt on every surface?Hp12 by Mafra, thanks to its active formula, guarantees a powerful degreasing action against stubborn dirt and it is perfect for cleaning motorcycles, campers, boats, tools and gardening , home furnishings and even the engine.Easy to use and protects every surface, in this video it’s able to shine again the engine of a beautiful Austin Healy 1965 MK3.A real show … Find out more here:! :)#MaFra #carcare #detailing

Posted by MA-FRA S.p.A. on Wednesday, 13 January 2016