Labocosmetica HYDRA 500ml

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#HYDRA is a hyper polyfunctional dressing broad spectrum of use, specifically for external and internal plastic car. Of easy spreadability and application, characterized by excellent coverage, #HYDRA provides excellent resistance to water washout also chemist.

Its fluoropolymer structure is able to guarantee a duration of about 3 months on surfaces, protecting them from UV rays which tend to progressively damage rubbers, plastics,  vinyl, leather and acrylic materials, reviving the color without greasing, in a stable and uniform manner. #HYDRA resists stains, repelling water and dirt effectively, ensuring a very high protection and an excellent beading effect.

#HYDRA is water-based, contains no solvents or silicones and respects the surfaces: even at the end of its life cycle, does not release residues and does not bleach the plastic parts. #HYDRA has been researched, developed and tested extensively in laboratories in collaboration Mafra the launch of new models produced by the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of sports cars.