Jescar Correcting Compound 236ml

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Jescar Correcting Compound 236ml

Low dusting, excellent working time, and permanent defect removal.
Jescar Correcting Compound is a machine polishing compound developed using an advanced formula of high grade aluminum oxide abrasive with a uniform particle size and will eliminate a minimum of 1500 grit sanding marks, deep scratches, and oxidation on weathered and battered paint. Jescar Correcting Compound contains no fillers, silicones, or waxes to hide defects – it permanently removes them from the surface for a high gloss finish. In the simplest terms, Jescar Correcting Compound is the perfect first step to clear and shining paint.

Jescar Correcting Compound will make quick work of swirl, hologram, and oxidation removal.
Paint defects are inevitable. The everyday use of a vehicle means constant exposure to paint-defect-causing elements. It’s not how you prevent them from happening, it’s how you fix them once they do happen. What you need is a good quality compounding product that will easily remove those defects from your paint without causing more harm than good. Jescar Correcting Compound, made with uniform particle size abrasives, is one such product.

Jescar Correcting Compound is perfect for use on all paint types, gel coats, and wood coatings. Remove up to 1500 grit sanding marks after a heavy defect removal step, heavy oxidation in clear coat or gel coat, and even slight paint imperfections. Jescar Correcting Compound is versatile enough to be hard when necessary, but without the risk of overdoing it.

Containing no silicones, waxes, or fillers, Jescar Correcting Compound actually removes the defects instead of hiding them, and is body-shop safe. Featuring an extremely low dusting and low-odor formula, Jescar Correcting Compound finishes like a polish. While in some cases, a follow-up with Jescar Micro Finishing Polish is necessary, using Jescar Correcting Compound may just be your first and ONLY step in paint correction.

Jescar Correcting Compound perform admirably on soft, medium, and hard paint types and removes even the harshest paint defects with ease. To really bring your neglected paint back to perfect, start your paint correct with Jescar Correcting Compound.

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