MaFra Polish Combo 3 x 250ml


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MaFra Polish Combo 3 x 250ml

Get this 3 x 250ml polish Combo and Save big!

Corrector 250 ml – Step 1

CORRÉCTOR  is a very versatile compound without silicones and fillers, based on water which, thanks to its Micro Abrasive Technology (MAT) formula, guarantees a decisive cut and an excellent finish already in the cutting phase. It is ideal both for rotorbital and rotary use.

CORRÉCTOR  has 25% more cutting power than the old Polish Step 1 and 2, even on ceramic varnish, has excellent wearing comfort, good gloss and a finish comparable to the old Step 3. The compound is based watery, has no solvent odor, has a zero dust technology and allows easy cleaning. It is very similar to an ALL IN ONE polish because of its versatility, but without the use of fillers that only cover scratches without removing them.

It is characterized by extreme comfort during all stages of processing. The product is ideal both on hard and soft surfaces. Worked with rotary and wool pad or with rotorbital and microfibre pad has a fast and surprising cut. It has been expressly developed to reduce and simplify cutting times while maintaining an exceptional result similar to a refiner, thus saving the operator time. The residues are easy and fast removal. The product deeply removes sanding marks up to P1500 and scratches, without covering them, even on scratch-resistant transparent, OEM and repainted surfaces. It can also be used on protective transparent films, without damaging them, effectively eliminating the signs of aging.

HOW TO USE: distribute little product at a time on a pad. With Rotative: work initially at 600-900 rpm, gradually climb up to 1500-1800 rpm and in closing with light pressure at 600-900 rpm. With Rotorbital: spread the product homogeneously at speed 1-2 on an area of ​​40x40cm, go up to the maximum speed to polish until depletion of the polish.

VERSATILE 250ml -Step 2

Step 2 for car polish: guarantees perfect abrasion and cleaning. A professional Mafra car polish product.

Is a micro-abrasive, silicon-free and anti-hologram polish which, thanks to its Diminutive Short Abrasive Technology (D.A.T. Short) formula, guarantees perfect abrasion and cleaning.

The product thoroughly eliminates marks from sanding P1500 and scratches, without covering them, even on scratch-proof, transparent coatings and without leaving streaks.POLISH VERSATILE can also be used on protective, transparent films, without piercing them, effectively eliminating marks developed over time.It is also ideal for re-painted cars or for fresh paint.POLISH VERSATILE achieves its maximum performance with medium hard sponge pads (orange) and was also designed for use also with random orbital sanders and microfibre pads.This is one of the best car polish product from Mafra.

Sincéro Refinishing Extra Shine 250ml – Step 3


Light abrasive polish for a perfect finish. DAT Short Technology.  Creates a stunning dark and deep shine. Extra good on dark cars where polar roses are often a problem. Sincéro is a micro-abrasive, silicone-free and hologram-removing Polish. Thanks to the DAT Short Formula, it guarantees perfect felling and fine cleaning of the paint. This product eliminates the deletion of P2500 slippers and other scratches without hiding them. Sincéro can also be used on protective, transparent foil without affecting the surface or protection. Perfectly even on newly painted cars. Sincéro reaches its full capacity using medium soft / soft polar round.

Step 3 in Mafra’s Polish series.

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