Magic Eraser - 5 piece
Magic Eraser – 5 piece
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Magic Eraser – 5 piece

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Magic Eraser – 5 piece

The Magic Eraser is designed for cleaning hard-to-scrub surfaces in hard-to-reach places. Don’t be fooled by this foam sponge, once wet, it is as abrasive as 3000 grit sanding paper.

The Magic Eraser has dozens of uses: Just wet it, wipe it, and watch scuff marks, burnt-on grease, marker scribbles, and so much more disappear.

Things you can clean with a Magic Eraser:

– Remove Rust Residue – swipe it with the sponge to instantly eliminate it.


– Eliminate Sticky Residue – If you’re trying to clean off the remnants of a label from a jar, try this sponge to tackle the hardest-to-remove glue.


Caution: – sometimes Magic Erasers can work a little too well — particularly on polished and easily scratched areas

1. Don’t use them dry
Part of the magic of these erasers is that all you have to do is add water to activate them. However, it turns out that these plushy pads are even more abrasive — and can, therefore, do more damage — when dry, so adding water actually helps soften them.

2. Don’t use them to polish your car (or any delicately painted surface)
Don’t let the soft texture of the foam fool you; once it gets wet, it has the abrasiveness of 3000-grit sandpaper. That’s why it’s important to avoid using them on finely painted surfaces, like your car, or else you’ll end up with a way worse problem than bird poop.

3. Don’t use them without gloves
Considering the fact that melamine foam pads can tackle anything from scruffs on walls to stovetops, it’s no surprise that these petite powerhouses can also burn your skin. Make sure always to wear a pair of gloves while using your magic eraser, and never ever use it directly on your skin.

4. Don’t use them to clean delicate countertops
Forget the fact that these spongy pads feel plush; they’re actually insanely abrasive. That’s why you should avoid using it on granite and marble counters (and any other fine stone surfaces), or else you’ll run the risk of removing the sealant and making the surface appear dull.

5. Don’t use them to wipe down nonstick pots and pans
If you thought they could be used exactly like a dish sponge, then think again. Employing these heavy-duty cleaners to wipe down nonstick pots and pans will only scratch their surface — and release pesky chemicals from the coating into your food instead.

6. Don’t try to brighten stainless steel
Unless you consider yourself to be a “gentle wiper,” it’s probably best to avoid using your pad on any stainless steel surfaces throughout your home. Too much scrubbing can cause the high gloss finish that seals most stainless steel appliances to break down, resulting in a dulled and sometimes scratched patina.

7. Don’t use them on anything without spot-testing first
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but when in doubt about whether your melamine foam pad is safe to use, simply do a spot test. Just as you should with any new cleaning product, test a small area with the eraser before using it on an entire surface.

8. Don’t use them on wood furniture or paneling

The abrasive nature of the melamine in these erasers can strip away the finish on wood surfaces. This means you shouldn’t use them on wood furniture or wood paneling. Also, be sure to spot-test before using them on wooden cabinets.

9. Don’t use them on glossy paint

Glossy paint might be the most durable when it comes to wiping off dirt, grime, and other marks, but don’t make the mistake of using a Magic Eraser on glossy paint. It will dull the glossy finish, making the surface look patchy and uneven.

10. Don’t use them to clean screens

Don’t ever use a Magic Eraser to clean any electronic screen, including your computer, phone, or television. Screens require cleaning with a gentle cloth to prevent scratches and damage to anti-glare finishes.

Avoid using a Magic Eraser on car paint, but take extreme care if you use it on a car interior. Magic Eraser is an abrasive cleaner sponge that removes stubborn dirt like crayon markings, grease, and marker pen ink. You can accidentally scratch the paint job, body panel, or glass if you run Magic Eraser over them.