Maxshine Compound Removal Microfiber Towel – Seamless 350GSM

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Maxshine Compound Removal Microfiber Towel – Seamless 350GSM


1. Red, thickness: 350g/m2 Size: 40X40cm
2. Unique supersoft microfiber, long service life
3. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free, closed loop construction
4. Strong decontamination, high water absorption
5. Designed for wiping away polish and wax residue

Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide.
100% Microfiber

Maxshine Microfiber Towels offer high-level shine results under any heavy task. Reusable and machine washable. Eco-friendly. Brilliant for cleaning car exteriors or for removing grime and dirt from interiors.

MaxShine is committed to manufacturing the best car care products to delight car care perfectionists around the world with a full selection of Dual Action Polisher, Plate Backing Pad, Foam Backing Pad, Orange Peel Pad, Microfiber Towel, Wool Polishing Pad, Wool Wash Mitt, Microfiber Wash Mitt, Microfiber DA Pad, Foam Applicator, Detailing Tool Bag, Detailing Clay, Detailing Accessories.

Weight 0005 kg
Dimensions 15 × 005 × 30 cm


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