Maxshine Detailing CRI Swirl Finder Mini

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Maxshine Detailing CRI Swirl Finder Mini


  1. Color Temperature: Warm White (4500K) / Cool White (6500K)

  2. Light Output: 100-200LM COB LED Technology Built-in magnet and sturdy rotating hook

  3. Solvent resistant glass lens – easily removed for cleaning 3.7V 1600 mAh Li-ion battery

  4. Battery Life: 4 hours at 50% (Step 1), 2 hours at 100% (Step 2) CE

  5. Approved Recharging time: 4 hours from empty


  • Recharge method: USB Charging Cable (supplied)

  • Warranty: 2 years return to base Supplied with an instruction manual

  • The Maxshine Detailing Swirl Finder Mini has been developed together with the leader in professional and automotive refinishing lighting.

  • The Maxshine Detailing Swirl Finder Mini with its reduced size, is the ideal inspection lamp for any professional and enthusiast detailer.

  • Adjustable power output (2 modes) and 2 different light temperatures packed in a robust small case with IP65 water resistance.

  • The most handy detailing light you can have, with a built in hanger and magnet within the rubber sealed handle.

Detailing Swirl Finder Mini Usage:

Before use, charge the Maxshine Detailing Swirl Finder Mini for the first time using the USB charging cable supplied.

The first charge will take approximately an hour (when all four battery status indicators turn green). The initial reduced charging time is because the detailing swirl finder mini is supplied partially charged. Please note that the detailing swirl finder mini should not be stored with a flat battery as this can damage the unit.

We would recommend you charge it fully every 30 days even when not in use. The recommended way for highlighting defects is by switching between the two color temperatures, standing back from the bodywork a distance of 50-100cm and sweeping the beam slowly over the area.

Step 1 is for general defect spotting and

Step 2 is recommended for checking correction work, but as mentioned it helps to switch between the two.



CRI 96+

weight: 190g


100/200 lumen

250/500 [email protected]

Battery: 3.7/1600 mAh Li-ion

Dimensions: 156 x 60 x 38 mm


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