Mirka Interface Pads 6 Inch

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Mirka Interface Pads 6 Inch

MIRKA Interface Pads, constructed with heavy duty adhesives and hook and loop technology, are a necessity when wet standing any paint finish. With increased flexibility for your sanding disc, MIRKA Interface Pads allow you to sand any rounded and contoured surfaces with ease. MIRKA Interface Pads are the perfect cushion and will protect both your backing plate, and soften the harshness of your sanding disc.

MIRKA is well known for their superior sanding products, and the accompanying accessories are no exception. Each size is designed to work specially with their corresponding sanding disc and enhances the performance of each by providing a softer finish.

Constructed with durable hooks, the MIRKA Interface Pads strongly hold to their sanding discs – you won’t have to worry about your disc slipping off its pad and potentially causing more damage. All of the MIRKA Interface Pads feature heat dissipating holes that keep the surface cooler while working.

Wet sanding is a very delicate process and you want to be sure you have the best tools on hand for the best job possible. MIRKA Interface Pads, in conjunction with MIRKA Sanding Discs, are the perfect place to start.

Weight 0001 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 15 cm
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