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Use : Super Water Repellent with 25% of SiO2

Content : 250ml

Product Description: Moonlight is an oil-based topical maintenance coating, containing 25% SiO2. Moonlight lasts up to 9 months while greatly enhancing gloss to vehicle surfaces. While primarily used as a topper to SiO2 coatings, Moonlight functions as a highly durable stand alone coating. A deep gloss with SiO2 protection that lasts up to twice as long as traditional waxes and sealants, Moonlight helps vehicles maintain that ‘just detailed’ look.

Durability:9 months.

Common Uses: When applied all Exterior vehicle surfaces and to wheels, Moonlight helps maintenance cleaning super fast and simple.

Warnings: Wear gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination. * * Caution: Any towel used to apply Moonlight hardens, therefore be aware of the towel after application. To avoid spray-head clogging, ensure you rise it out after each use and stored separately.

Directions: Clean and dry all exterior vehicle surfaces thoroughly. Apply out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels.

1] With a dedicated MF suede or MF applicator pad, apply a small amount of moonlight to the applicator then begin to work it in, one panel at a time. It spreads out very well… a little goes a long ways.

2] Once applied allow moonlight to dwell for 1-3 minutes, then using a clean soft MF towel, buff the surface until all excess product is removed. * Moonlight requires 2-4 hours of cure time before water exposure.

Tips / Alternate Uses:Moonlight can also be used to darken hard and faded exterior