Motovana Black Microfiber Polishing pad 5.5 inch/140mm

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Motovana Black Microfiber Polishing pad 5.5 inch/140mm

Motovana Black Microfiber Polishing pad 5.5 inch/140mm have beveled edges for Safety and Fast and Easy pad centering.  The unique plush micro fiber pad material is safe for both polishing and finishing applications.  These Microfiber pads are built for maximum performance and long lasting durability on rotary and DA polishers.

The plush black microfiber is superior to what’s currently on the market and it is paired with an orange European polishing foam. And with it’s pre-cut center hole, you receive fantastic performance on a large throw dual action polisher. When paired with the appropriate compound or polish, these pads will remove light swirl marks,  light scratches and oxidation.

This pad can be used with random orbital polishers, dual action polishers and rotary polishers which utilize a hook and loop backing plate.


  • “Prime” fresh or clean microfiber pads – In other words spread a thin layer of compound and work it into the surface of the fibers evenly before use. This allows the abrasives on every strand of microfiber to work on the paint simultaneously.
  • After each section, blow out the pad with compressed air and add 2-4 (depending on pad size) small pea size dots for the next section.


  • Microfiber polishing pads are machine washable.
  • Remember NOT to wash them in the machine with foam pads as fibers can stick to the foam pads.

Hand wash care

Soak your polishing pads in luke warm water with diluted all purpose cleaner or a dedicated pad & microfiber cleaner for about 20 minutes so as to allow the product to loosen left over and clogged compound residue. Gently with your fingers agitate the pad to release more of the compound residue. Rinse the pads thoroughly in clean fresh water.

Lay your pads out to dry in a cool place, never directly in the sun and lay the pad with the velcro facing upwards, so to alleviate the velcro from delaminating and pealing off with the weight of the water.

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