Motovana Blue and White Scrub Pad
Motovana Blue and White Scrub Pad
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Motovana Blue and White Scrub Pad

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Motovana Blue and White Scrub Pad

Motovana Blue and White Scrub Pad is an all-in-one tool that removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, stains and much more from interior surfaces. The pad has bristle-like fiber which can reach deep and effectively remove stubborn dirt and grime from many surfaces such as plastic, rubber, leather and upholstery. 

Use this tool with your favorite interior cleaner to achieve maximum results, fast and effectively.

How to Clean Leather Seats

These day’s leather is not how it used to be and it tends to be more a form of either textured vinyl with a thin layer of leather on top or only used on specific areas of the actual seats, such as the cushion and upright parts. The backs and door cards are of a lesser material.

1. To clean leather seats you can either use all-purpose cleaner or specific leather cleaner both will do a good job. Either you can spray directly on the seats, although take care not to saturate them. Best is to spray your leather cleaner onto a leather pad or brush such as ‘Artdeshine leather scrub pad ‘agitate the surface lightly to loosen dirt and wipe using a  clean damp microfiber cloth. Paying particular attention to any stains or marks that you wish to remove.

2. If you have seats with an intricate leather design it may be useful to use a small detailing brush or leather brush to enable proper cleaning of stitching and remove build-up of dust/dirt in the folds.

3. After you have done this taking a clean, damp microfiber wipe over the seat to remove any residue from the cleaner. Continue doing this until they are thoroughly clean and all residue is removed.

4. Wipe the seats over with a dry microfiber until the seats are completely dry.

5. Wipe a specific water based leather protectant spray on to the leather with a clean microfiber towel. If the leather is damaged, scratched or worn, then you may want to consider using some of the available leather touch up dyes. These will help blend the discoloured areas in with the rest of the leatherwork.

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