Motovana Pre Foam
Motovana Pre Foam 500ml
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Motovana Pre Foam 500ml

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Motovana Pre Foam 500ml

Motovana Pre Foam 500ml is a highly concentrated, pH 12 vehicle shampoo.  The higher Ph provide for a better clean.
The car shampoo is ideal for use in the 2 bucket system and can also be used as a snow foam with a foam lance or foam sprayer. This Car Shampoo leaves a great streak free gloss.

Easy rinse off rich foam formula

Motovana Pre Foam 500ml Removes tough dirt & road grime
Safe on paint & won’t strip existing waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings.
Creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces
Dilute 50 ml to 950 ml in foam canon or can be used in foam sprayer or for bucket wash.

Motovana Pre Foam 500ml comes in a 500ml or 1 Liter HDPE bottle with a chemical resistant trigger and measurements on the back.  Ideal for the Professional Detailer.  The measurements allow you to keep track of the amount of product used, to ensure easy costing.

What makes this packaging ideal, is the fact that the bottle can be refilled and is durable for multiple future uses.


Before you get your buckets and wash mitt out you should be looking at giving the car a pre-wash.  This is essential as it helps to soften dirt and any larger particles that are on the paintwork and wheels and draw them away from the surface, in effect an initial touch less wash. You can leave the foam to cling to the car and soak for around 5 to 8 minutes depending on the weather/temperature at the time. This way you will remove more dirt and once rinsed off with a pressure washer, the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches are reduced. If this step is ignored and you go straight to a wash mitt you will simply be grinding dirt and contaminants into the paint, which could lead to Swirl marks and scratches!

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