Motovana XD Degreaser 1 ltr Concentrate
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Motovana XD Degreaser 1 ltr Concentrate

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XD Degreaser 1 ltr Concentrate

Motovana XD Degreaser 1 ltr Concentrate is Suitable for general degreasing of exterior surfaces such as engine, rims, etc.

Dilute 1:10 with water for heavy soiled areas.

Spray on to surface, allow to dwell for a few seconds and loosen dirt, rinse and gently wipe with a clean soft microfiber towel.

Motovana XD Degreaser 1 ltr Concentrate must be diluted, do not use in concentrated form.

Wear eye and hand protection and work in a ventilated area.  Do not apply on a hot surface or direct sun light.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Although this is an area that is not seen very often, it may be unlikely that you have cleaned the engine regularly. In this guide we show you that you can clean and protect it safely with the minimal effort and time.

Be careful not to get water in the engine or electrical contacts are not completely saturated, then you will not cause any issues. These contacts have to be safe from the environment to start with, otherwise every time it rains, your car would not work. Therefore, you can safely use a hose or a pressure washer.  Set the valve to vary the pressure to a soft spray, as this will not cause any major issues. Should you still be concerned, then rather block off any intake openings and electrical boxes with plastic or cling wrap.

Water on its own is not sufficient to remove the grease and grime that build up in the engine bay and you need to use a degreaser or APC to loosen and remove dirt and grime. Ensure that the surface is cool.  After applying the degreaser, you will need to agitate the surfaces in the engine bay and leave the degreaser to work its magic for a while.  Then wash off with a soft spray of water and dry off with a dedicated engine bay microfiber cloth.

Finally protect it. Not only does this protection prolong the life of the plastics, rubbers, metal and painted surfaces it also means that future cleaning is much easier and less time consuming.

Comes in a 1 Liter HDPE bottle with a chemical resistant trigger and measurements on the back.  Ideal for the Professional Detailer.  The measurements allow you to keep track of the amount of product used, to ensure easy costing.

What makes this packaging ideal, is the fact that the bottle can be refilled and is durable for multiple future uses.


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