Motovana XtremeSeal Ceramic Sealant 5 ltr
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Motovana XtremeSeal Ceramic Sealant 5 ltr

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Motovana Ceramic Spray Sealant 5 ltr

Motovana Ceramic Spray Sealant 5 ltr Protects your paintwork from damaging UV rays and leaves a high gloss finish with hydrophobic properties.  Your car will stay cleaner for longer due to the slick surface.

For best results, clean the surface first, before application.

There are 2 application methods:

  1. Mist on to a microfiber applicator and spread evenly over the surface.  Use a clean plush microfiber cloth and buff.  (Durability 4 – 6 months)
  2. Whilst surface is wet, mist directly on to surface and immediately rinse off with pressure washer. (Durability up to 2 months)

Ready to use product, do not dilute.

Wear eye and hand protection and work in a ventilated area.  Do not apply on a hot surface or direct sun light.

Xtremeseal Also Comes in a 1 Liter HDPE bottle with a chemical resistant trigger and measurements on the back.  Ideal for the Professional Detailer.  The measurements allow you to keep track of the amount of product used, to ensure easy costing.

Paint should be completely clean and free of oil, solvents, or wax before applying Xtremeseal (For Durability)
As with any product, when pressing the trigger one quick press will allow it to disperse in a finer mist.
Contain your work area to one section at a time rather than allowing overspray to land on a section you won’t be buffing off right away.
Some find the short weave microfiber towel to be the best option to wipe off with.

Durability of Motovana Ceramic Spray Sealant as a standalone sealant can vary widely based on environment, kept inside or out, proper prep to remove all oils, and the care it is given.
In case of uneven areas do to improper application or applying too thick, wipe off Xtremeseal with Eraser or IPA immediately and re-apply.

See MICROFIBER CLOTHS for coating wipe off and leveling.

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