Bullsone Nano Tech Wax for White Car 300g

Bullsone Nano Tech Wax for White Car 300g


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Nano Tech Wax for White Car 300g

Nano Base Formula
1. To maximize gloss effects, special formula developed by Nano Technology is applied
2. Advanced Nano-technology creates Triple layers (PTFE- Special Silicone-Wax) of protective coat to keep your car shiny for about 90 days.
3. Triple layers safely protect car body against exhaust gas, air pollution, acid rain, chemicals detergent (car wash) and UV.
* Exhaust gas, polluted Air, Acid rain, chemicals detergent (car wash) and UV damage Top Clear Coating layer on painted
surface of car and make car losing its gloss
4. Resilient coating layers helps protect surface against harmful UV rays that dulls a car’s finish.

How to use:

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the surface.

2. Apply in cool conditions. Avoid direct sunlight.
It is recommended to apply: the roof> side doors Driver> trunk> passenger side doors> hood. 
Apply the product with a sponge. Spread the wax is soft, thin and evenly circular movements.
3. Allow the wax to dry naturally for about 15 minutes. (Summer season: 5 ~ 15 minutes, the winter 15 ~ 20 minutes)
4. When the treated surface is matte, lightly wipe with a microfiber.
5. Do not use on plastic, wheels, tires, windows and painted bumpers.
6. For best results, not less than 48 hours to get water on the car.
tool Type Safety
Capacity 300 gr.
application Ready-to-use product.
Manufacturer country South Korea