Motovana O-S One Step Polish 500ml
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Motovana O-S One Step Polish 500ml

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O-S One Step Polish 500ml

O-S is a powerful polishing compound capable of scratch removal on newly cured paint and older paints. Remove oxidation, swirls, scratches, holograms and rids as well as sanding marks up to P1500
Silicone-free, low-dusting compound with minimal dusting.  The product has good lubrication for longer work time.  Can be used by hand or with a machine polisher.  Can be used with a few different machine polishing pads, with excellent results for various paint types and finishes

The compound has a cut of 5/6 and gloss of 6/6.  Apply small drops to the pad and buff until all residue has dissipated or until desired effect is achieved.

Wear eye and hand protection and work in a ventilated area.  Do not apply on a hot surface or direct sun light.


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