Labocosmetica PERFÈCTA 500ml

Labocosmetica PERFÈCTA 500ml


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# Perfecta is the fastest and most effective solution when you need to increase gloss, depth, silk and protective effect in a short time. Born from a rib #CUPIDO, # Perfecta inherits the sealant combining sophisticated finish with detergents. The refined formula can eliminate dirt, water stains, residues of insects quickly giving shine and silky on the bodywork, glass, plastics, seals, chrome etc … # Perfecta is an excellent aid in drying step because it reduces the risk that the hard water stain the surface. It is designed to be compatible with the layers applied to waxes, sealants or nanotechnological coatings. At each use will add an extra layer of protection! DIRECTIONS: # Perfecta can be used on wet or dry surface. On wet surface spray # Perfecta on the single panel and wipe it with a cleaning cloth and water Quick Detailer in a lump sum. On dry surface # Perfecta spray onto a microfiber cloth or on the body, stretch and dry immediately.