Plastic Care 3 in 1 500ml

Plastic Care 3 in 1 500ml

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Plastic Care 3 in 1

The plastic details of a car, such as the dashboard, seals and fascia are particularly delicate: the micro-pores on the surfaces in fact tend to absorb dust and impurities and, as a result, age early.
Plastic Care 3 in 1, the exclusive formula developed by MA-FRA research laboratories to clean, revive and protect both dashboards and plastic parts.
Plastic Care 3 in 1 is a mix of detergents, bees wax and protective polymers that guarantee oil-free, effective and delicate cleaning of surfaces.

Its formulation ensures an efficient, long term anti-UVA and anti-static barrier that slows dust depositing and avoids the early fading of plastics, also avoiding unpleasant odours by releasing a prolonged sensation of clean freshness.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray the product evenly on the part to treat, in small doses and at a distance of 20 cm circa, without using excessively. Spread the Plastic Care 3 in 1 evenly over the surface.