Pro Detailing Kit Basic (excl. machine and pads)

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Pro Detailing Kit Basic (excl. machine and pads)

This Professional Detailing kit contains everything needed to provide a great Professional Detail to any vehicle.

The Kit was carefully assembled and is the perfect Kit for any Professional Detailer. (Save 13%)

Save BIG, when buying this bulk kit.


CARPRO Reset Shampoo 500ml
CARPRO Lift Pre-wash Snow Foam 500ml
CARPRO IronX Decontaminant 500ml
CARPRO TarX Tar Remover 500ml
CARPRO BugOut Bug Remover 500ml
CARPRO Clarify Glass Cleaner 500ml
CARPRO Inside Upholstery, Carpet and leather cleaner 500ml
CARPRO Immolube Clay Lube 500ml
CARPRO Reload Sio2 Sealant 500ml
CARPRO Elixir Quick Detailer 500ml
CARPRO UltraCut High Cutting Compound 500ml
CARPRO ClearCut Medium Cutting Compound 500ml
CARPRO Fixer Swirl Remover Polish 500ml
CARPRO Reflect High Gloss Polish 500ml
CARPRO Essence High gloss Polish and Sealant in one 500ml
CARPRO CeriGlass Glass Polish 500ml
CARPRO Metalicut Metal Polish 500ml
CARPRO Perl Sio2 Sealant/Dressing for tyres, trim and dash 500ml
CARPRO MultiX  All Purpose Cleaner 500ml
CARPRO Spotless Waterspot Remover 500ml
CARPRO Boa 500 plush towel 1
CARPRO Boa 350 plush towel 1
CARPRO 2 Face towel for polish removal 1
CARPRO Dhydrate Drying towel 1
CARPRO GlassFiber Glass towel 1
CARPRO Tyre applicator 1
CARPRO Polyshave Clay Block 1
CARPRO Microfiber Wash Mitt 1
CARPRO CeriGlass Rayon polish applicator 1
CARPRO Detailing Brush Set 1
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