Labocosmetica PURÌFICA 500ml



The limestone particles that are deposited on the body, given by a non-perfect drying or by acid rain or summer storms, drastically reduce the beading effect: # purifies solves the problem at the root, by dissolving and seizing effectively in a gentle way the deposited calcium on bodywork or residual contamination from acid rain, thereby restoring youth to the coating.

This nano shampoo at acidic pH maintenance, real novelty in the world of detailing, is characterized by a mix of buffered noble acids: extremely innovative, eliminates the thin patina, generated by lime residues, that is deposited on the body, enhancing and revitalizing the of nano coating characteristics and previously applied sealants. His noble buffered acids, specifically designed also allow # purifies to respect the layers of wax or protection.

# Purifies has been researched, developed and tested extensively in laboratories in collaboration Mafra the launch of new models produced by the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of sports cars.