Labocosmetica REVÌTA 500ml

Labocosmetica REVÌTA 500ml


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Revita is a neutral shampoo new generation “Wash & Coat” that allows you to clean, seal, protect and extend the life of the previously applied coating. On cars untreated, can give a gloss and protection, equal to nano sealants, at least 4 months. With excellent detergency and good lubrication, Revita adheres to and protects in a really exciting way, ensuring highest levels of beading and sheeting. The product is extremely powerful thanks to the very high dilution of 1: 100 (30 mg are sufficient to wash and protect large cars).

Revita is different from other products on the market because it is composed of a mixture of siloxanes solubilized that create a strong anchor on the bodywork and offer a significant protective effect (against weathering, chemical and even bird drop) aggressions, silk and resistance effect, with excellent foaming and lubrication during the washing phase.Despite being a neutral product, it has excellent cleaning power and is able to dissolve and soften the dirt. It does not interfere on nano protective applied on the glass, do not leave marks or streaks.