Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing pad 150H
Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing pad 100H
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Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing pad 100H

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Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing pad 100H

The Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing pad 100H for random orbital, gear driven, and triple action, are specially designed for severe paint defect removal.


The blue foam of the coarse wool pad is more rigid and dense which maximizes the translation of tool movement to the work surface, providing increased cutting power.


All the pads in the coarse wool range are constructed using two distinct fibre lengths creating a dual density wool surface and a specific visible pattern.


More than just an aesthetic detail, this configuration provides a great balance of cutting power and finishing ability when compared to traditional or single-density wool pads.


Why Buy This Product?
Wool pad designed for the throw of the Rupes polisher.
Removes light swirl marks, scratches and holograms.
Works on any color paintwork.


Tips for better results with wool pads
– Regularly check the pad during the polishing process.
– Clean the pad when it begins to clog from polish build up.
– Washing or spurring the pad prior to storing for future use.
– Use our PAD CONDITIONING BRUSH cleaning tool to clean your pads.
– Do not dry pads with high heat as this promotes wool shrinkage, rather air dry or spin using your buffer.
– Keep pads in a clean dust free location when not used, to prevent dust particles from coming
in contact with the pad surface the next time you use the pad.