RUPES DA Microfiber Pad Fine MF130M

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RUPES DA Microfiber Pad Fine MF130M

The RUPES DA Microfiber Pad Fine MF130M Microfiber Polishing Pads for Dual Action polishers, are specially designed for the removal of moderate defects, swirls, haze and holograms on fully cured paint.

Specialized microfiber material bonded to a semi-flexible foam backing allow for better control and contouring over varied panel shapes with an ideal balance of cutting and finishing ability.

Combined with RUPES D-A Fine Compound, the D-A Fine Microfiber Pad delivers quick removal of moderate defects and a high degree of finish quality on most paint systems.


9.MF80H COARSE Ø 85mm (3”) 12mm (0.47”)
9.MF80M FINE Ø 85mm (3”) 12mm (0.47”)
9.MF80S ULTRA-FINE Ø 85mm (3”) 12mm (0.47”)
9.MF130H COARSE Ø 130mm (5”) 12mm (0.47”)
9.MF130M FINE Ø 130mm (5”) 15mm (0.59”)
9.MF130S ULTRA-FINE Ø 130mm (5”) 15mm (0.59”)
9.MF160H COARSE Ø 160mm (6”) 12mm (0.47”)
9.MF160M FINE Ø 160mm (6”) 15mm (0.59”)
9.MF160S ULTRA-FINE Ø 160mm (6”) 15mm (0.59”)

Why buy this product?
High quality polishing pad.
Removes moderate defects, swirls, haze and holograms.
Suitable for random orbital polishers.
Fine medium 130mm pad.

About this product
The yellow Rupes D-A Fine Microfiber Polishing Pads are designed to maximize the polishing power for Dual Action orbital polishers. This microfiber pad is specially engineered for polishing and deliver high performance cutting on even the hardest paints. The Rupes D-A Fine Microfiber foam pad can be used to remove moderate defects, swirls, haze and holograms on fully cured paint.

You can use the microfiber polishing pad to make a weathered paintwork new again and polish the color of car paint back to shine. The RUPES D-A microfiber polishing pad has a foam interface between the Velcro and the microfibers. This distributes the pressure you apply to the polisher evenly over the surface for the best result.

The RUPES D-A Yellow microfiber polishing pad is available in 3 sizes (85MM, 130MM, 160MM) so that it can be used on any polisher.


SKU 9.MF130M
Diameter Ø 130mm (5”)
Pad thickness 12mm (0.47”)
Manufacturer Rupes