Labocosmetica SEMPER 500ml

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# Semper and a neutral maintenance shampoo, super concentrated and highly lubricated. Characterized by an excellent detergent power and a pleasant scent, # Semper is totally secure on nano coatings and sealants on the previously applied treatments: can be used without removing the underlying layers of wax, even the most delicate, such as those based on carnauba and it is easy to rinse using the spear (effect “Easy to Rinse”). 
Its special features make it usable, with excellent results, even with foam gun.

# Semper, devoid of waxes or enhancers brightness, does not create streaks and can also be used on the glass. Its foam has been studied to dissolve, incorporate and hold in suspension the dirt on the car surface, removing it safely but delicate. Its high foaming power, combined with the remarkable lubrication, creates a foam cushion “pillow foam” that enables # Always wash the car without risking that the traces of dirt from damaging the bodywork.

# Always has been researched, developed and tested extensively in laboratories in collaboration Mafra the launch of new models produced by the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of sports cars.