SIL-OX Ceramic Sealant 500ml

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SIL-OX Ceramic Sealant 500ml

Use : Can be used to increase the durability of coatings or can be used as a stand alone sealant.


SIL-OX is mainly used as a topper of coatings, so after the coating is dried on paintwork, then apply SIL-OX to make the surface super silky smooth. SIL-OX has 5% of Sio2 in it, it will also increase the durability of the coating and enhance its gloss. SIL-OX durability is 4 – 6 months and can be applied as coating maintenance as well. It should be applied on a dry surface and mainly on paintwork!
1. Clean surface. 
2. Shake bottle well. 
3. Spray on & wipe off with a short-loop microfiber cloth.
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