Starter Detailing Kit (Save R2050)

R11,226.85 R9,175.00 Inc. Vat

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Starter Detailing Kit (Save R2050)

This Starter Detailing kit contains everything needed to start off Detailing any vehicle.

The Kit was carefully assembled and is the perfect Kit for any a New Detailer.

Save BIG, when buying this bulk kit.

Auto-DNA Raptor III / 15mm Polishing Machine 1
Auto-DNA Degreaser Consentrate 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Super Car Shampoo 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Super Snow Soap 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Iron Decon 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Dash & Trim Sealant 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Tyre Sealant 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Seal-It Sio2 Spray Sealant 500ml
Auto-DNA SIL-OX Ceramic Sealant 500ml
Tonyin Ceramic Wax 200gr
Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Cut Compound 500ml
Angelwax Regenerate Medium Cut Compound 500ml
Angelwax Perfect Polish Cleaner Polish 500ml
Angelwax AIO Ceramic Infused all in one polish 500ml
TAC Total One Essential Ceramic infused Finishing polish 500ml
Auto-DNA Super Cerium Glass polish 200ml
Auto-DNA RTU Quick Detailer 1 Ltr
Auto-DNA Clay bar 1
Auto-DNA Microfiber Wash Mitt 1
Auto-DNA Grit Guard 2
Auto-DNA Twist Drying Towel 1
Auto-DNA Blue 600 GSM Plush Towel 1
Auto-DNA Grey 500 GSM Plush Towel 1
Auto-DNA Grey 300 GSM Polish Removal Towel 1
Auto-DNA Orange 380 GSM 2 Face Towel 1
Auto-DNA 10 piece 250 GSM Microfibers 1
Auto-DNA 5 piece Detailing Brush Set 1
Auto-DNA Microfiber Rim Brush 1
Auto-DNA Leather Brush 1
Auto-DNA Lug Nut Brush 1
Auto-DNA Tyre Brush 1
Auto-DNA Cutting 5 inch pad 1
Auto-DNA Polishing 5 inch pad 1
Auto-DNA Finishing Bevel 5 inch pad 1
Auto-DNA Vented Microfiber pad 5 inch 1
Auto-DNA Wool pad 5 inch 1
Auto-DNA Tyre Applicator 1
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