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Use : Tar, Bug, Bird droppings and Adhesive residue.
Content :  500ml
Made from solvents extracted from orange peels. The product has an orange fragrance.  It is an environmentally friendly product.
 Tar Zero Is a versatile tar, adhesive, transfer, and bug remover. Formulated with natural citrus ingredients, it safely cleans surfaces and may be simply rinsed with water, if necessary.
Benefits: Great plastic trim clean, leaving the finish intact. Does not discolor black plastic trim. Doesn’t leave behind any white residue compared to other solvents.
Common Uses: Tar, Adhesive, and Bug Remover.
Warnings: DO NOTleave on surfaces for more than 7 minutes. Avoid product drying on surface. Do not work under direct sunlight.
Directions: Shake bottle well. Spray liberally onto MF towel then gently rub Tar Zero onto working section. Allow product to dwell for 2-3 minutes to react with contamination. Use the MF towel to gently wipe away contamination. Follow up with water on a MF towel to remove any excess product.
Tips / Alternate Uses: * Tar Zero is an excellent tire cleaner/stripper. Simply apply liberally to a wheel towel then vigorously scrub the tire with the towel for super clean tires.