Why should you use a two bucket method?

2 Bucket Car Wash

This is the most effective way of cleaning your most prized possession without creating more scratches and swirls. Even if you car parks undercover in a garage. At some point chances are that it will be exposed to extreme weather conditions in South Africa. Leaving your ride contaminated with everything under the sun from dust particles to bird etching that can penetrate through your clear coat.



I’ve seen some people wash an entire car with one bucket of water. All you doing here is transferring dirt instead of removing it. This method causes swirls, scratches and dullness in paint reflections.

Dirty bucket of water

The two bucket method is the foundation of proper maintenance of your vehicle.


Simple 2 bucket Method to follow:

Keep a separate bucket for wheels

Rinse your wheels

Wash wheels with wheel brush


Rinse your wheels

Wash wheels then rinse

Rinse your car

Foam cannon entire car

foam cannon

Rinse Car
Fill one bucket with car wash shampoo and other bucket with clean water
Soak wash mitt in bucket
Wash panel in straight lines
Rinse mitt in rinse bucket
Repeat process

Rinse car

Wipe with waffle towel



Ensure grit guard is at the bottom of the bucket preventing any contaminents to float to the top


By following this simple method you will prevent any further scratches


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