Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials – 17 June’16 to  24 June’16

Safety kit B

The Essential Vehicle Safety kit – a must have for every Vehicle.                                                             Now only R199


Denim_Pad_3in__04731.1403333020.380.380    Denim Orange Peel Pad – 80mm R54

new wool pad 2015 - CopyWool Ring Pad – 155mm R238

coolpads 130mmHybrid Wool/MF Pad – 130 mm R187

coolpads 130mmHybrid Wool/MF Pad – 150mm R1204

COOL_WOOL_5_125_1__54520.1405465840.120.120Cool Wool Pad – 130mm R187

125PU Gloss Pad – 125/140mm R112

150PU Gloss Pad – 150/165mm R149

Flash Pad – 160mm R204

Flash Pad – 130mm R187

polyshave_pad__27408.1406159437.1280.1280Polyshave Clay Pad – 150mm R265

Polyshave-towel-793x793Polyshave MF Clay Cloth – R340




Pad Washer – R990

Ceramic CoatWilliams Ceramic Coat – R895

Synthetic 1Williams Synthetic Coat – R695