Auto-DNA Microfiber Wash Glove
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Auto-DNA Microfiber Wash Glove

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Auto-DNA Microfiber Wash Glove

Auto-DNA Microfiber Wash Glove – Do you battle to wash your car in hard to reach areas, like under door handles, grills, etc.

Then this is the ideal microfiber wash glove to solve your problems.

The glove is bright yellow with very soft twisted grey microfiber fingers on the other side.

The glove has an elasticized wrist band to secure it on to your hands.


Two Bucket Wash Method

You may have heard this process mentioned and to be honest the concept behind it is quite simple and makes so much sense.

When using only one bucket, you are basically putting the dirty water back on to your vehicle so in theory you are simply rubbing the dirt and grime into the paint. If you use two buckets – one for your shampoo and the other for clean water, it means that you are rinsing your mitt in the shampoo free bucket and only putting the clean shampoo water on to your car.  In addition to using the two separate buckets ideally use a grit guard in the bottom of your bucket, which will trap the dirt below preventing it from going back into your mitt after having been rinsed.

Saturate your wash mitt in the shampoo water and clean one-two panels then rinse off thoroughly to ensure that the dirt particles picked up are removed before adding more clean suds on the mitt. Clean 2 panels at a time, then rinse from top to bottom.  Do not leave washed panels to dry with dirt on.

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