Motovana XS Water Spot Remover 500ml
Motovana XS Water Spot Remover 500ml
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Motovana XS Water Spot Remover 500ml

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Motovana XS Water Spot Remover 500ml

Motovana XS Water Spot Remover 500ml allows you to gently remove water spots / water marks from glass, windows, paint, chrome, hard plastic and metals quickly and easily. Safe and effective on all clear coat and glossy paint surfaces. * Not suitable on flat, matte, or satin finishes.

● Removes water spot stains from paint, glass, chrome and metal

● Neutralizes water spot stains for effortless removal

● Prepares surface for wax protection against future spots

● Restore glass smooth feeling on surfaces Features: Quick & Easy – Instantly removes water spots, restore glass smooth feeling on glossy surfaces Effortless Water Spots Removal – Spray, Polish, Wipe.


Neutralizes Water Spot Stains – Enhances Clarity and Gloss on paint, glass, chrome, and all metal surfaces. Prepares surfaces for wax or coating protection against future spots Safe and effective.

XS Water Spot Remover Works quickly to remove water spots without causing harm to paint and clear coat.

Before application, make sure the surfaces is cool down, and NOT to be exposed to Direct Sunlight



1. Wash vehicle or clean surface to remove any loose contaminants. ( Work out of direct sunlight )

2. Apply Water Spot Remover to a microfiber applicator to moisten it or spray on surfaces and work over 2×2’ area act with UP DOWN & LEFT RIGHT. ( Allow to dwell or continue to work the product in a cross-hatch pattern for no longer than 30 seconds. )

3. Use clean water to re-clean area and wipe away any excess product to neutralize the reaction.

4. Use for multiple applications repeatedly to penetrate into very old or hard water stains with a 30 second dwell time each time.

5. Apply a wax or sealant to seal the surface after water spots have been sufficiently removed to prevent future water spots contamination.


XS Water Spot Remover is acid-based and, it should be used with proper precaution for safety. When able, wear gloves when using this product and avoid contact with eyes, skin or ingestion. Do NOT let the product dwell or left on any surface for more than 30 seconds.

Comes in a 500ml or 1 Liter HDPE bottle with a chemical resistant trigger and measurements on the back.  Ideal for the Professional Detailer.  The measurements allow you to keep track of the amount of product used, to ensure easy costing.

What makes this packaging ideal, is the fact that the bottle can be refilled and is durable for multiple future uses.


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